FEUD: Lamu West MP Fahim Twaha speaks to the press. Photo/Nobert AllanFEUD: Lamu West MP Fahim Twaha speaks to the press. Photo/Nobert Allan

LAMU West MP Fahim Twaha will have to wait until January next year to know the fate of a prime land he claims he bought near the State House in Mombasa. This was after the high court in Mombasa extended orders stopping the MP from accessing or developing the land. The orders had expired last month but Kenya Anti Corruption Commission said it is still investigating the issue.

The KACC had asked the court  to extend the orders stopping Twaha from developing the plot that houses the deputy PC’s house, opposite State House. The KACC lawyer, Phillip Kagucia, said  orders  issued by court, preventing Twaha and his father, Yasin Abdalla, from interfering with the plot, had  expired. KACC lawyer Nzioki wa Makau filed th orders which were to last for six months.

Yesterday, Justice Hannah Okwengu directed that the case be heard on January 14, when the orders will expire. Kagucia had argued that  the court should issue fresh orders since investigations on how Twaha and his family acquired the prime plot were still on going. Former Mombasa judge Mohammed Ibrahim stopped Twaha and his father from dealing with the plot.

Twaha claims the plot measuring 0.0556 hectares was bought by his father Yasin Twaha Abdulla and sister Tahiya Yasin Twaha for Sh10.5million for a 99-year lease from 1996. The alleged sale was only registered by the Mombasa district registrar on December 11, 2009. The consent was registered with the Ministry of Lands five days later and was signed by the Mombasa lands officer P.N Mutwitwa. The Twaha family is only supposed to pay monthly rent of Sh13,200 to government.

A letter from the PC to Lands PS says the plot is a government property. The MP wanted to be given permission to build two maisonettes on the plot, which is situated near the Mama Ngina Drive. KACC said the investigations were aimed at establishing how Twaha acquired the land in Kizingo area. In an affidavit that was sworn by Dedan Okwama, an investigator with the commission, the land is within the Municipal Council of Mombasa, and the maintenance of the government houses on the property are done by the Ministry of Housing Estates Department.