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Players in the local property sector are in ambitious expansion plans in an anticipation of new legislations expected to allow for the use of diverse construction methods and materials.

Local Architects expect a set of new building code to be in place at least before the end of the month, in line with the new Constitution.

Ezytech Roofing Tiles Limited said it plans to partner with Jung Ang Steel Company, a leading Korean steel roofing production and technology to commission a concrete roof tile plant in Kenya.

The firm’s sales and marketing manager, George Ndung’u said the firm plans to enter the technical partnership as it gears up to meet demands expected with the adoption of the new built environment.

“We are in the process of officially starting the negotiation with Jung Ang Steel Company to start a plant in Kenya and one which would cover the East and Central Africa market,” he said in Nairobi.

The move by the firm, currently a distributor of roofing tiles comes at a time when National Housing Corporation is building a Sh700 million-plant, which would manufacture prefabricated building materials.