Kenya will host the first real estate awards in Africa this week.

The awards will recognise key players in the market and create partnerships with prospective investors from other parts of the world.

The prizes seek to recognise the best players in the housing market across the continent in terms of sustainability and affordablity. Those to be recognised include property developers, mortgage providers, real estate private equity firms, best construction companies, and best architectural designs.

Major projects

There will be 15 categories for the awards spanning across commercial, industrial, residential, and hospitality sub-sectors. Kenya is in the process of implementing some of its largest infrastructure projects which have added value to the property market.

“We have chosen Kenya because of its busy real estate market with major projects such as Tatu City, Konza City, among others,” said African Real Estate & Housing Finance director Roland Igbwoba.

The academy specialises in showcasing opportunities, risks, and mitigation to foreign investors and investment banks that may want to venture into Africa. The panel is in the process of getting five nominees per category for the announcement of winners this Friday.